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Scope Infotech treats its employees with respect. Its policies provide employees with certain freedoms and privileges that foster an environment of trust and responsibility. Additionally, its policies show an understanding of and respect for employees’ commitments outside of their work life.

Scope Infotech provides employees with “flex time” or a flexible work schedule. This means that employees can choose their regular set of work hours as long as their work day starts sometime between 6am and 10am. This is especially helpful for parents sending their children off to school or picking them up from after school activities.

While working at our headquarters, employees can dress casually unless they are expecting meetings with clients, business partners, or interviewees. The office kitchen offers free Keurig coffee in a variety of flavors and free snacks. Parking around our building is free and our offices are located within walking distance of Columbia Mall, Mod Pizza, Corner Bakery, and many other popular food vendors. It is common for employees to visit one of the many restaurants or food courts during their lunch breaks.

Scope Infotech believes that the company thrives when the employees are enabled and encouraged to grow and learn. The company provides assistance to employees who want to participate in educational and technical workshops and trainings on a case-by-case basis.

Scope Infotech is heavily engaged with the business theory behind continuous process improvement. We welcome and encourage our employees to offer ideas to improve the work environment, efficiency, company processes, company technologies, and much more.

Benefits Summary

Highlights of our competitive benefits package include:

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  • Description
  • Employer
  • Medical Insurance

    Provider: United HealthCare
    Deductions (in/out network) $250/$500
    Out of Pocket (in/out network) $2500/$5000

    (employee & family)

  • Vision Insurance

    Exams $10 (1 x per 12 mos.)
    Materials $25
    Lenses & Frames (1 x per 12 mos.)

    (employee & family)

  • Dental Insurance

    Preventive 100% Endo/Perio/Oral 80%
    Minor Restore 80% Major Services 50%

    (employee & family)

  • Life Insurance

    Benefit $50,000


  • Short Term Disability

    Maximum weekly $500
    Maximum 13 payments


  • Long Term Disability

    60% of salary up to $10,000 maximum monthly


  • 401 K Plan

    May contribute up to the annual IRS maximum.
    Employee contributions are 100% vested


  • 401 K Match

    5-year vesting schedule

    50% for the first
    $6000 contribution

  • Vacation/sick Days

    3 weeks paid vacation (Year 1 – 5)
    4 weeks paid vacation (Year 5+)
    2 weeks sick leave


  • Holidays

    8 paid holidays
    2 floating holidays (1 each 6 calendar months)


  • Payroll

    Twice a month (15th and end of month) Direct deposit to up to 2 accounts


  • Bonus

    Discretionary annual bonus based on company and individual employee performance


  • Employee Referral

    Refer a friend, if hired you get referral bonus


Educational Assistance Program:Company support for degree coursework, technical workshops and training.